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Giants' Baseball Mid-Century Move from NY to SF

The founder of a poverty-focused nonprofit organization that received praise from President Barack Obama, Rene Boisvert has enjoyed a business career in which he has owned both a concert production company and a minor league baseball team. Away from his professional responsibilities, Rene Boisvert continues to engage with the sport of baseball as a fan and long time season ticket holder of the San Francisco Giants

With 2017 marking the 60th year the Giants baseball team has played in San Francisco, many fans may not know that the team has not always called the Bay Area home. Founded as the New York Gothams in 1883, the club changed its name to the Giants in 1885 and remained in New York City for over 70 more years. 

During that time, the Giants won seven World Series championships, but the team failed to attract fans at a level that pleased its owners. In 1957, the Giants received approval to relocate to San Francisco. That city helped facilitate the move by offering a $5,000,000 muni…