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Simple Steps in Business Problem Solving

Philanthropist Rene Boisvert previously served as a Northern California concert promoter. Internationally recognized by Billboard Magazine, the international newsweekly of music and entertainment, Boisvert produced major artists such as -
Bonnie Raitt, Ray Charles, Jerry Seinfeld, Garth Brooks, Linda Ronstadt, and hundreds more.

Boisvert's company, Rainy Day Productions, established itself as a true niche producer of live entertainment events. In the world of mega-promoters, Boisvert's
company fiercely fought to maintain their independence as a concert industry player.

A true "street promoter," Boisvert's strength lied in his ability to work multiple
marketing strategies within a given marketplace to achieve the maximum possible
ticket sales. As a result, Rainy Day enjoyed a high percent of sold out shows that exceeded industry averages.

"Any promoter can market a winning show. It takes a special promoter to do well with acts that aren't sure box o…