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Philanthropist Rene Boisvert previously served as a Northern California concert promoter. Internationally recognized by Billboard Magazine, the international newsweekly of music and entertainment, Boisvert produced major artists such as -
Bonnie Raitt, Ray Charles, Jerry Seinfeld, Garth Brooks, Linda Ronstadt, and hundreds more.

Boisvert's company, Rainy Day Productions, established itself as a true niche producer of live entertainment events. In the world of mega-promoters, Boisvert's
company fiercely fought to maintain their independence as a concert industry player.

A true "street promoter," Boisvert's strength lied in his ability to work multiple
marketing strategies within a given marketplace to achieve the maximum possible
ticket sales. As a result, Rainy Day enjoyed a high percent of sold out shows that exceeded industry averages.

"Any promoter can market a winning show. It takes a special promoter to do well with acts that aren't sure box office winners. That was our specialty," Boisvert

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About Rene Boisvert

Rene Boisvert is the founder of the nonprofit organization Taking It to the Streets, based in Oakland, California. Through his work with the organization, Rene Boisvert assists in multiplying the charitable money available to provide basic life services for those most in need. His unique philanthropic approach is referred to as Multiplication Philanthropy.

Mr. Boisvert graduated with his bachelor’s degree from University of California, Berkeley, and has completed graduate studies at Indiana University's Center of Philanthropy. Interested in politics, marketing, and mentorship, Mr. Boisvert previously served as a board advisor for the Philanthropic Ventures Foundation, a public charity grant maker. He also uses his philanthropic industry expertise as a board member of St. Vincent's Day Home, Alameda County's largest and oldest child development center.

Giants' Baseball Mid-Century Move from NY to SF

The founder of a poverty-focused nonprofit organization that received praise from President Barack Obama, Rene Boisvert has enjoyed a business career in which he has owned both a concert production company and a minor league baseball team. Away from his professional responsibilities, Rene Boisvert continues to engage with the sport of baseball as a fan and long time season ticket holder of the San Francisco Giants

With 2017 marking the 60th year the Giants baseball team has played in San Francisco, many fans may not know that the team has not always called the Bay Area home. Founded as the New York Gothams in 1883, the club changed its name to the Giants in 1885 and remained in New York City for over 70 more years. 

During that time, the Giants won seven World Series championships, but the team failed to attract fans at a level that pleased its owners. In 1957, the Giants received approval to relocate to San Francisco. That city helped facilitate the move by offering a $5,000,000 muni…